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Internal venting and draining not accepted (National Galvanising Industries)

National Galvanising Industries will no longer accept any goods for galvanising which have internal venting and draining which cannot be visibly verified by NGI personnel.


Sealed closed sections such as pipe, Circular, Square or Rectangular Hollow Sections (CHS, SHS or RHS) can explode when dipped into the zinc bath. Even the smallest 25×25 SHS can explode causing tens of tonnes of molten zinc to be ejected from the kettle or can shoot out of the kettle like a missile. In the past NGI has attempted to verify that closed sections have been internally vented correctly by calling the customer to confirm this. Recent incidences have resulted in a risk assessment which has found that the risk of serious harm or fatality to our employees is unacceptable. Despite our best endeavours our directs have made the decision that NGI will no longer accept any steelwork for galvanising which we cannot verify that all elements are adequately vented and drained either through visible external holes or adjacent check holes.

See Galvanising Association Safety Poster – click here.

If in doubt please discuss with our sales team.