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NGI Closure

NGI will cease trading at Freeman Road, Richlands on Monday 7th January 2019. read more

Christmas and New Year Trading Hours

CLOSED: Friday 21 December 2018 (12pm) - REVISED OPENING DATE: Wedneday 2 January 2019 (6.00am). read more

Australian Steel Institute Award Winning Project 2016

National Galvanising Industries was part of the project team involved in the Sunshine Coast University Hospital Carpark which picked up the 2016 Award for Steel Excellence in Steel Clad Structures. It was an honour to take part in the ASI QLD Annual Steel Excellence Awards and even more humbling to be a part of the winning team. read more

Venting and draining – latest update from GAA

It is important to consider the corrosion protection of ferrous articles when they are being designed. This guide provides general information on basic design and detailing practice, including venting and draining, to assist in the safe and quality hot dip galvanizing of articles. read more

NGI Case Study – Screw Piling

It has long been thought that galvanising screw piles is not necessary because the galvanised coating will be removed when screwing the pile into the ground. We have inspected some test piles that were driven into sandstone at Injune, Queensland then removed 3 weeks later... read more

Design, specification, inspection of galvanised products

Consistently good galvanised steel products will be produced when the essential requirements listed are incorporated at the design and fabrication stages of production. Design features should be discussed with the galvaniser. Close liaison between design engineer, materials engineer, specifier, fabricator and galvaniser will ensure high quality galvanised products, minimum cost and faster delivery. read more

The Cost of Galvanising in Brisbane. Are Zinc Prices on the way up?

As zinc in the main commodity effecting the cost of Galvanizing, the following article is of interest to us and our customers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. read more

Internal venting and draining not accepted (National Galvanising Industries)

National Galvanising Industries will no longer accept any goods for galvanising which have internal venting and draining which cannot be visibly verified by NGI personnel. read more

Painting over hot dip galvanising – Brisbane

Painting of hot dip galvanised steel is sometimes required for decorative purposes, to provide an identifying colour or to enhance the service life of the article. read more

Three types of galvanising protection – Brisbane QLD

Barrier protection, cathodic protection and the zinc patina are what provide the galvanised coating its long-lasting protection. read more

Protection of threads (Galvanising Australia)

Galvanising threaded components and assemblies with internal/external threads is common practice for galvanisers but can require some measures to protect those areas prior to galvanising and some effort after galvanising in order to make the threads serviceable. read more