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The Hot Dip Galvanising Process

The hot dip galvanising process starts by suspending steel articles and dipping them into a series of cleaning baths. Once cleaned, the steel is lowered at an angle into a bath of molten zinc.

Immersing the steel on an angle allows air to escape from vented tubular shapes or pockets that may be within the design and permits the molten zinc to displace the air.

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Design, specification, inspection of galvanised products

Consistently good galvanised steel products will be produced when the essential requirements listed are incorporated at the design and fabrication stages of production. Design features should be discussed with the galvaniser. Close liaison between design engineer, materials engineer, specifier, fabricator and galvaniser will ensure high quality galvanised products, minimum cost and faster delivery.

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Galvanising, Inspection and Quality Control will be carried out by the company in accordance with AS/NZS 4680:2006 current issue.

The Standards together with The Galvanisers Association of Australia's manual "Hot Dip Galvanising" will serve as the sole reference material in any dispute concerning galvanising, inspection or quality control.

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